The art of Yale Stewart

So, some of you have asked for a process post. It’s kinda tough for me to do for JL8, since I make those so rapidly and often forget to stop and scan between “periods” in the process, so here’s one for the most recent back-up I did in The Legend of Luther Strode #2 (out now from Image Comics!).

So, I start off by panelling out the page and inking those, as I feel it helps keep the page better defined than leaving the inking for later. I can smear a lot, and a lot of times the panel borders, if not inked, will all but disappear.

After panelling, I go into the pencil stages. I actually pencil quite a bit tighter than I probably need to, but I’m not very good at freestyle inking, so I prefer to have the tighter guidelines to follow that pencils provide.

Next, inks. This is pretty straightforward. The only thing I can really think of worth noting here is that I save spot blacks for last. I know some people do them first, but I don’t. Personal preference.

Finally, color! I don’t know enough about coloring in this case to really delve too deep into it. I just start when I start and finish when I feel it’s finished.

Hope you guys dig the post!


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